Don't live with mold,
mildew, & musty smells

Moisture does more damage each year to homes in the U.S.

than everything else combined.

Our Moisture Inspection will find the cause of the problem so it can be fixed

You need the best trained and equipped home inspector to spot moisture problems.

Invisible Moisture Problems with Siding

Any type of home siding, from stucco to brick, can allow significant structural damage if not properly installed. We have the training and equipment to provide certified stucco and siding inspections that discover hidden problems from moisture. The photos show some of the damage we’ve discovered that was invisible until revealed by our testing and inspection. Left un-repaired, moisture problems with siding can, and have, turned beautiful and expensive homes in to “tear-downs”.

Infrared Camera spots moisture problems invisible to the naked eye.

We are trained on and deploy a state-of-the-art infrared camera on all inspections. We routinely spot moisture incursion issues around windows, doors, flashing and plumbing using this special camera. The sooner moisture issues are discovered the easier they are to repair.

What your inspector can’t see can hurt you.

At Signature Inspection Services we are trained and equipped to spot expensive potential problems, including moisture problems, from top to bottom, that other inspector can’t “see”.

Nifty Lift.

While other inspection services may be content to use binoculars from across the street to “inspect” your roof, we deploy our lift to get “up close and personal” with every roof we can’t safely walk. Moisture problems often start at the top and work their way down.

Signature Inspection Services

Ready to help ensure that your home purchase doesn’t come with expensive undiscovered moisture problems. Call for your moisture scan home inspection or our more in-depth moisture analysis inspection.

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